Sunday, 14 June 2015

How To Ruin Your Resume/CV?

I have been scanning through a lot of resumes and CVs lately. There is a lot of talent to be acquired by my firm and given the fact that I am an acute micro-manager, you can believe that I am reading all your resumes very carefully. I have received resumes from different types of job hunters, right from freshers to people with 15 years of experience. They have all made a few common mistakes. I would now be sharing the most irritating, annoying and laughable mistakes that one makes in a CV/resume. I would not pretend to be a know-it-all. My first resume was as bad as a fresher's resume could be, full of all the awards I had won, even if for debates. Anyway, I am long past that phase now but some people really need to check what they are doing before they send a mail to an employer, especially someone like me who bothers more about the quality of work you can provide, nothing else.

  • Writing sentences like 'I am a passionate writer, team worker...' and all
Hey listen, calm down. This mistake is often made by freshers who have never even been in a professional environment before. Team work, I can swear by any God that there is nothing like team work. Please don't believe people who tell you otherwise. Every man is for himself in an office and you would do the same. So don't make a claim that makes the employer cringe. 

  • Mentioning too much experience
I have received resumes from writers who claim to have an experience of 3-5 years in this field and also have a huge list of blogs, articles etc. they could share. They would not take anything less than a rupee per word. But wait... that is where the smartness end. When I read their articles, they appear to be some grumpy 5 year old kid who is writing a diary because he did not get his favorite toy. I wonder why they wrote that and who were the wonderful clients who approved such writing. If they exist, please make them meet MyContentLab team and they will show you what content writing is all about. We have bad days too but that kind of writing...? nah! we don't do that. 

  • Mentioning all components of Microsoft Office (separately) under Technical Qualifications
No comments. Why don't you just write Microsoft Office or simply Microsoft Word if that is what you know. 
  • Mentioning your 'category'
Listen to this and I am being very serious... I have a discrimination free workplace and I am least bothered whether you are a Brahmin or Rajput or anything. I don't even wish to know these things. Believe it or not, there are people who write their category and most of them are who we know as 'General Category'. Better luck somewhere else. Of course, not all people are like that. They are truly one in a million. If you are a good worker, you will be a good worker regardless of your caste, gender or even your sexual orientation. We don't judge. 

  • Mentioning how you saved a kitty
Okay so there is nothing really wrong in people sharing the charity work they did. It really appears nice to read something like that. However, if you ever went to a school for the blind because of an SUPW assessment, don't mention it in your CV. Please do not. Show me some real social work. 

  • Boasting too much
Yes, you have been great at academics, dance, singing and everything else. I know you are super talented but don't write like you are boasting about your talents. That does not work. In my experience in almost 4 years, people who boast too much have too little to give to an organization. That is not what we want. 

  • Making a looooooong CV
A CV with too many pages is a turn off. I once received a 9 page long CV. Yes, 9 pages. Where on earth do you get so many things to write about yourself? Make it 2 pages long to the most. Don't write everything about your dreams, hopes, family background and even your romantic theories. Leave something for the interview. 

  • A bad cover letter is dangerous
If you are sending a CV, make a good cover letter for it. The shorter, the better. Again, don't write paragraphs about yourself. Someone just sent me a CV and that person had written a painfully long cover letter and that too a one that was forwarded by someone else. Uh! 

  • Using tens of fonts
Use just one font - Times New Roman. Nothing else. Don't use Callibri with Comic Sans. Plus, don't even think that you could highlight the sub-headings by writing it in some ornate Gothic font that is unreadable to the human eye. I have made this mistake and I can laugh on my CV now. Don't do this please. It really looks bad. 

Looks like the CVs will keep dropping in and I will keep writing posts on the same subject. Phew!

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Making An Entire Generation Feel Adequate

Even if you are a couple of years younger to me, I don't think we belong to the same generation. We are so different. There is hardly anything common between us. It is like looking at an entirely new generation of kids. We 90s kids are still recovering from the phase of extreme technological developments. We are the last generation that actually played out in the dirt without wondering about germs and which hand-wash to use. We are the last generation that was not bombarded with the most emotionally charged advertising messages when we were 5 or 8 years old. 

Yes, advertisement existed then too but how easily we would skip the channel and move to something else. These days, it is practically impossible to avoid advertisement. There is hardly any empty space, virtually or in reality. If there is virtual space, the advertisements would fill it up and if there is land left in the country, our government would acquire it. Wow! what a beautiful time to be alive. 

An entire generation is being made to feel like they are imperfect. My generation is finding new ways to make them 'look' perfect. Nobody has the time to 'be' perfect. Knowledge? Who needs that when you have a great body and a better face. Pouting is easier than reading a book. 

So am I whining about the things that don't exist anymore? No, I am talking about things that are affecting our children. I wonder if my children will be born in a world where technology consumption has reached dangerous limits. I wonder if they will never play out in the sun. I know I can manage to tell my children that playing out is good but how will I tell them that they are not as inadequate as the advertising industry makes them feel. How will I tell them that they look beautiful? 

How will I tell them that nothing in the world should ruin their confidence? How will I make them believe that being judgmental is okay, but but judging everyone all the time is not okay. How will I tell my children that they are adequate? How will I tell them that life is not about being taller, stronger and sharper? How will I tell them that they need to achieve heights in life without worrying about how they look? How will I tell them how to differentiate between reality and a false world that we are being made to live in?

I do not want my kids to fall into a honey trap of good looks, chiseled bodies and a consistent pressure for performance. I want them to just live their life. I want them to live within humble means. I want them to use technology but only to make them gain knowledge. I want my children to learn that they are not slaves to technology. They should use technology and this technology should not use them. 

Friday, 29 May 2015

I Move On...

I keep moving on. I often leave people behind, sometimes the ones that are closest to my heart. I leave anyway. I don't turn back but I am always there, somehow. I am leaving many more people behind this time around. It was great being with you but I need to move on in life. There are many more avenues left to explore, so much more to see, witness and experience.

Does that hurt you? I am sorry for that. You know, I never wanted to make you feel sad. You are still my best friend and nothing in this world can change that, ever. I know you think that it is very easy for me to leave, but trust me it is not. The point is that if I stay, it would be difficult for either of us to breathe. You know, breathing is necessary. It is important to breathe, very important. So, would I not breathe if you are not around? I thought I could never do that but guess what, when you keep leaving me in the middle of nothing, I learn to breathe without you. Slowly, it becomes a habit and see how far we have come. I am breathing and so are you.

So what went wrong with us? We started taking each other for granted and then came a time when we forgot to share the fact that this isn't true. I know things will be great for us. I wish that you have a great career and a great life, no hard feelings. You know me, don't you. I would never bear hard feelings and hatred for my worst enemy... you are my best friend. There is no question why I would speak or think something negative. There is a point, a thin line between the positives and negatives of life. This is the line of truth, the mark of destiny and you know I follow what it says so I would move on.

Will I ever come back? I don't know. I don't like predicting things too much. I let them be. I know I can predict but you know I won't. That just doesn't suit me well. Leave it. What is more important right now is that I have to move ahead in life and you have to do the same. So don't ever feel sad and don't miss me too much. Look, there are so many people out there who can be friends with you. They will listen to you, they would take care of you. They will never make you feel like I ever existed. Soon, I would just be a photograph. Have a great life. 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Political Mishaps- Where Are We Headed

The past few days have been very entertaining for anyone who follows politics, except for the last one. The sad suicide of a farmer who wanted to gain the attention of his leader is the greatest political mishap that i have ever encountered. It might be wrong to say that the farmer was a part of some great political conspiracy. I do not know whether he was or not. However, what is unfortunate is the remark made by AAP leader Ashutosh. This man has been devoid of all sensitivity and it appears that his party certainly follows his footsteps. Have you ever got to know what is happening inside the party? Of course, it is always out on the news. However, the real intentions of the AAP party were never known to us. Now, we get to see that there is a party that can go for a rally for farmers but not do anything when a farmer is committing suicide right in front of their eyes. What an amazing sarkar Delhi has. Have they committed a grave mistake again? Who knows....

Coming back to what I started the post with. Rahul Gandhi is back. Looks like he got his mojo from Bangkok and the Vipassana meditation that engaged in. Great!  I have always felt that there is a massive void when it comes to leaders in India. Though Rahul Gandhi was never quite present when he was needed, I have always believed that he is a sincere and honest man and is genuinely wishing to do something. I dont how he will get the results that he wants but yes, I would definitely not mind is Rahul Gandhi polishes himself a little more and then runs for the Prime Minister. It would be a great sight to witness nonetheless. Currently, after he is done with an amazing session at the Lok Sabha, I hope that he does something really concrete for the farmers. A rally, a padyatra or even an anshan would be great. It would make me and thousands of farmers around the country believe that he believes in their cause and is wishing to stand with them through thick and thin. You, Mr. Gandhi, if you prove to be this man, you will never lose the vote and confidence of people in India. There is still a long way to go.

Finally, we have to talk about the party in power- BJP. There is something wrong in the way BJP has come to power. Of course, I am not crying foul on the way that elections have been conducted. People had faith in Modi and this is why they voted BJP to power. However, what BJP MPs say and do is quite natural for them. When people belonging to the great Sadhu heritage become hungry for power (and more for attention), they say things that do not suit the saffron of their robes. Is this not what BJP has always been doing? As far as I can see, the RSS and every other Hindu organisation that was associated with BJP will certainly feel disenchanted with this government. The people have already started doing so. 

I saw a small GIF on Twitter where Modi tried to shake hands with the German Chancellor and she ignored him completely. I felt really sad at this. Even though I am not a staunch Modi supporter, i felt bad because he is the PM of our nation and he should be respected when he is outside the country. However, then Modi visited Canada and called our nation 'Scam India'. It felt like a double blow to the Indian who is already waiting for her 'visiting Prime Minister'. If you don't respect the nation that you belong to, no one else is going to respect you. Tit for tat, just not in that order. Meanwhile, the farmer is dead. His body has reached Dausa and the body of Indian journalism is still rotting in the rain of commercialism. God bless us!