Monday, 8 December 2014

"अरे यार वो मेरे पीछे पड़ी थी..."

"ठीक ही थी यार वो. टाइमपास अच्छा हो रहा था मेरा... शुरू में मुझे लगा की चलो थोड़ी बातचीत कर लेते हैं. पर बाद में तो वो चेप ही हो गई.... जब देखो फ़ोन,... मेसेज..... बस. दिमाग ख़राब करके रख दिया उसने मेरा. ........ अरे हाँ तभी तो नया नंबर लिया है यार. उसको पता चल गया न तो इस नंबर पे भी जीना हराम करके रख देगी मेरा...

बैठे बिठाये मुसीबत मोल ले ली मैंने... बस ज़रा सा हवा दे दो मैडम को ऐसे उडती है आसमान में जैसे इंग्लैंड की रानी बन गयी हो.... पिछले महीने मैं लेके गया उसको मूवी देखने... फिर डिनर पे गए... फिर उसको उसके घर छोड़ने भी गया......

अरे बाकि का सुनके क्या करेगा... तू तो अपने भाई का स्टाइल जानता है.... हा हा हा हा..... अबे हाँ यार.... रात को मेसेज आने लगे.... रुक रुक पढके सुनाता हूं.... अरे कहाँ गया..... हाँ सुन... today was the best day of my life. I really really really love you.... हा हा हा हा......

ओफ्फो.... कसम से यार... उसके बाद तो ऐसे पीछे पड़ गई जैसे मुझे उसके बाप का उधार चुकाना हो... ओह माय गॉड... ऐसी लड़कियां वैसे मुझे अच्छी लगती है... बस एक डेट पे ले जाओ उसके बाद बात करो या न करो तुम्हारी मर्ज़ी... जब भी टाइम मिले बात कर लो... वैसे तो मेसेज और फ़ोन पे बहुत चेप हो जाती है लेकिन जब भी प्यार से बात करो न...... अबे हाँ भाई.... हा हा हा..... ऐसी बेवक़ूफ़ लड़कियां मिलती रहे तो तेरा भाई अगले साल सलमान खान को पीछे छोड़ देगा.... हा हा हा....

और उसकी वो फ्रेंड.... पता नहीं क्या समझती है अपने आप को... मुझसे लड़ने लग गई... कहती है की तूने मेरी फ्रेंड के साथ धोखा किया... तूने उसे कभी कुछ साफ़ साफ़ नहीं बताया.... हद हो गई... अब मैं उसको सामने से जाके कहूँ की मैडम मैं तो आपके साथ टाइमपास कर रहा था... हा हा हा... हाँ भाई हड़का दिया मैंने... बोल दिया की इतना ही प्यार है अपनी फ्रेंड से तो उसको मुझसे दूर ले जाये.... पता नहीं ये लड़कियां आपस में क्या क्या खिचड़ी पकाती रहती हैं....

अबे हाँ यार.... पीछे पड़ी थी मेरे... मैंने तो कान पकड़ लिए... आज के बाद अगर किसी लड़की ने मुझमे ज़रा सा भी इन्टरेस्ट दिखाया तो मैं तो पहले ही उससे राखी बंधवा लूँगा... कौन मुसीबत मोल ले... एक तो मैंने उसको इतना घुमाया फिराया... उससे बात तक की जब मेरा अपनी गर्लफ्रेंड से झगडा हुआ... ऊपर से इतना attitude....

चल छोड़ न उसे... पागल है.... तू बता... जिम जा भी रहा है या सिर्फ फालतू के पैसे भरे हैं???......"

Sunday, 7 December 2014

How Our Energies Interact, Really?

In the last post, I was talking about the fact that we are not just people. Not just organisms with flesh, blood and bones. We are also the manifestations of energy. This is the energy that is stores in us all and often interacts with other people around. What I firmly believe is that we are all made of up of the same basic energy units but their proportion often makes us different from each other. I would like to refer to the concept of 'Panch Bhoota' (Indian/Hindi/Sanskrit) here. These five elements are supposed to be the very essence of human life. When you are born, you start life with a very unique combination of these 5 elements and when you die, these elements dissipate into thin air, only to be reborn again. 
The 5 elements are:
1. Prithvi or Earth
2. Agni or Fire
3. Jal or Water
4. Aakash or Sky/Ether
5. Vayu or Air
If I focus on this simple concept, I find that these 5 elements can easily be translated into atoms. Are we not all atoms? Are we not energies? Yes, certainly. This information is, in one way, enough to suffice that we are indeed interacting with nature and people in ways that we never imagined. 
Can you guess why some people are instantly attractive while others become repulsive even when you do not know anything about them? Maybe, just maybe, we sense their energies and their aura. We are able to decode the message that their energy field is sending to us. This message is to subtle that words are unable to define them. However, as beings which are able to experience energies, we shall certainly be able to decode them even if we don't know it consciously. Now, this may mean that we are spiritual creatures as well. We experience a lot of things that we are not aware of and as far as I can guess, this is one of the reasons why we feel very uncomfortable in some places and with some people. It is quite possible that that the energy field or the aura of a person or a place starts sending us signals that are decoded into 'alarming' or 'relaxing' by our very own energy senses. 
It is not just human bodies that possess these energy fields. The things that we eat, the things that we use and the Earth that we inhabit are all a part of this huge energy ball. In fact, I have started to view the Earth as a very small energy field of the universe. There could be many more like us and there could be even more that are completely different from us. The head and tail of the matter is that we are matter and when we die, we are just changing forms. We are carrying many experiences with us in the next state. These could be great, horrifying or simple meaningless to us. It is also possible that a huge number of these experiences are also lost in transit. By the time we enter the new state of matter and probably lose some energy and gain the energy of a few other particles, we are totally refreshed but still retain something from a past state. Think of this as a chemical reaction. The Earth is our test tube, or a beaker if that works better for you. We are all in this apparatus, consistently changing forms, losing our valence electrons in the form of time or maybe emotions and gaining some more electrons in the form of chemical bonds which we call emotions. 
All this is such a beautiful system of being. Can you imagine why we change after a relationship, especially when it is over? Can you think why we need to be with people. Can you think why being in a room with empty walls and no humans, pets or furniture can be so maddening? It is because we need to interact with other energies. If we do not, we are not successful as humans. Interactivity or energy is very basic and must definitely be achieved if we wish to survive. We leave an impression of our energy on all people we meet and all things that we have used and own. Similarly, these things and people leave a lasting impression on us as well. 
Why don't you find some time to reflect on these thoughts today? It is a beautiful winter morning and I believe that today is going to be fairly tiresome for me, mentally... intellectually. 

Thursday, 4 December 2014

People and Energy Interactivity

I was exposed to a lot of people and philosophies lately. Though nothing really happened in my life apart from a plan for a huge career shift, a lot happened with people who were really close to me. These people, I believe, are the very extensions of my own self.

They faced many issues in life and I was lucky enough to share the burden with them. However, as the time passed by I got to learn a lot of things. The first one was that the number of people in your life doesn't really matter. If you just have one person who would stand by you when you really need them, your life is going to flow in a great direction.

Actually, we believe in letting a lot of people enter our life and that hardly makes any sense. It is because we are not just 'people'. We are atoms, we are energy and that is unique to everyone. As a matter of fact when people get to be a part of each other's lives, they bring their points of view, their positive and negative forces and even the burdens of their past.

Our energies are composed of our experiences and it is quite important to see whether these energies interact well with each other. Now, i don't say that there is some magical way in which you can reas the energy of another person. However, when you make a decision to let someone enter your life, you are letting your energies interact with each other and that too in a very intimate way.

This is why people who have never met each other and interacted through other means of communication still feel a connection. Meeting someone directly or living with them means more energy interactivity. However, even when I am talking to someone on the phone, a small part of our energies are interacting and they are bound to leave an impression on both of us.

Therefore, if you can handle all the people and their energies, it is fine. However, if you are like me and like to keep it simple then go ahead and meet a lot of people but save most of your energy for yourself. Let go of a good part of your energy to your loved ones.

It is a three fold path. Follow 50:40:10 rule. Save 50 for yourself, 40 for your loved ones and just 10 for the rest. Try it. I am sure you will experience a lot of great things. I will tell you more about what i learnt in later posts.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

What happens after 40 (to your parents and you)

Age is scary to some (all). It appears that every passing birthday, we feel burdened. How i remember The Solitary Reaper? The one with a bent back, the one who needs to toil. While the advertising industry and pretty much everyone is worried about turning 30, I am busy thinking what would happen when you turn 40. Actually, what would happen when your parents are moving towards 50? At 46 or 47, they already have children who have a life of their own, they have spent a long long time with their spouse and they are quite free now. There is no need to run after children and feed them and there are no school projects to make. There will be no 'pados wali sharma aunty' who will compare the marks of every child in the 'mohalla' and later start looking for a suitable match for your kids. Life is almost at a standstill. What next?

The plight of our parents is beyond our understanding. At least, i do not understand what they go through on those long summer afternoons. Some of them are busy working in their offices while others, especially our mothers, are enjoying their solitude at home. There are less people to cook for and even lesser to talk to. Our life is busy for sure and we don't really know how to help them. Even a great Sunday brunch or a visit during Diwali will not be of help. They will be alone and we really do not have a hint or an idea of what to do. A little dream calls us to faraway lands and a little ache in the heart does not let us leave them behind. Every body talks about the pain for children that parents feel. No one, and I mean NO ONE, ever talked about the pain that children feel for their parents. Yes, we are the ones who will ask you for money and expect gifts and understanding every time. Yes, we feel lonelier than you are and find ourselves helpless.

What can be done?