Saturday, 21 June 2014

What happens after 40 (to your parents and you)

Age is scary to some (all). It appears that every passing birthday, we feel burdened. How i remember The Solitary Reaper? The one with a bent back, the one who needs to toil. While the advertising industry and pretty much everyone is worried about turning 30, I am busy thinking what would happen when you turn 40. Actually, what would happen when your parents are moving towards 50? At 46 or 47, they already have children who have a life of their own, they have spent a long long time with their spouse and they are quite free now. There is no need to run after children and feed them and there are no school projects to make. There will be no 'pados wali sharma aunty' who will compare the marks of every child in the 'mohalla' and later start looking for a suitable match for your kids. Life is almost at a standstill. What next?

The plight of our parents is beyond our understanding. At least, i do not understand what they go through on those long summer afternoons. Some of them are busy working in their offices while others, especially our mothers, are enjoying their solitude at home. There are less people to cook for and even lesser to talk to. Our life is busy for sure and we don't really know how to help them. Even a great Sunday brunch or a visit during Diwali will not be of help. They will be alone and we really do not have a hint or an idea of what to do. A little dream calls us to faraway lands and a little ache in the heart does not let us leave them behind. Every body talks about the pain for children that parents feel. No one, and I mean NO ONE, ever talked about the pain that children feel for their parents. Yes, we are the ones who will ask you for money and expect gifts and understanding every time. Yes, we feel lonelier than you are and find ourselves helpless.

What can be done? 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Keep Me In Your Heart

Keep me in your heart
I may not be there tomorrow
I ll be gone and you might not even get the news
That someone who loved you, can love you no more
‘coz death puts an end to a lot of things
I don’t want it to be our love, not so soon.

So if I cry or if I weep,
I just need a warm hug
And if I bring gifts
I just want you to accept them
Nothing more was ever desired
I like to give gifts,
I am wired that way
But if I am wired to you,
I wouldn’t mind it anyway.

You are closest to my heart
Like a couple of our friends
And you mean a lot to me
Smothering you was never an option
But mothering you will always be.

You are on my mind
Like the clock keeps ticking all the while
And if it ever stops…
Your tender clock will be dying.
So keep me in your heart
Keep me for another while
I wont always be all good
But I wont always be servile.

Our lives have taken different turns
And aloof I might seem
But who are separated in the middle of a life

Are always united in dreams. 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Why Are You Unemployed Or Underemployed (Part 2)

Some of you like what I said in the last post and some of you did not. Well that is how opinions are shared, criticised and respected. Anyway, moving ahead, let us have a look at some more reasons why people are unemployed or underemployed. Mind you, this time, I am going to adopt a totally different perspective on things and I hope that some of you would be able to relate with it. Honestly, even I had to face all this when i was about to graduate from college. This can be universal or can be restricted to a small group of people. Whatever it is, you decide. Have a look.

1. You are quite versatile- this is a blessing in disguise but most of us fail to recognise this. The fact is that there are a few people who are quite versatile. In fact, they are so good at getting things done that they are unable to decide what exactly would be right for them. As a result of this, they are always confused about what they must chose. Frankly, this blessing makes them have a hard time. It is like the Midas Touch. Whatever you touch would turn to gold but you are not sure what you must chose. Let us take an example. You graduated with a mass communications degree. You love hardcore investigative journalism but are equally attracted to light hearted magazine write ups. However, you end up writing scripts for a TV program. We cant say that you are bad at writing scripts. You are just too versatile and you would do everything well. Prioritising may help in this case. Think, prioritise and move ahead. Don't chose one thing over the other or you are ready for doomsday in advance.

2. Work cultures don't suit you well- yes, we all cannot fit into 9 to 5 cultures. Some like to work in the night, some like to be free to work while some others can only work in the mornings or evenings. Rest of their time is spent on Facebook or maybe near the coffee machine. When you are working in the wrong work culture, you would definitely have issues fitting in. I was working in an office in the beginning of my career where people came to work at 9 a.m. but started some real work only after 3 p.m. Till then, they were busy talking, playing or having lunch. I was more than a misfit. As someone who is all fired up in the morning who loses motivation in the afternoon and stays too creative around 6 p.m., this was not a good choice. As a result, I tried to adjust, lost my fire, then lost my motivation to work entirely. It can happen with you as well. A simple solution is to look for a kind of work that suits you and your style of work.

3. You like to wander- some minds are just wired like that. Some people find it extremely difficult to stick to one place for long. They cant handle the people or situations for long and continuously strive for change. This wanderlust may result in a number of changed jobs, a number of failed networking ideas and much more. Its not that these folks don't like to work or are not creative, they just get sick of their surroundings too soon. Such people would have a number of interesting things on their resume but their time period would be too less. Consequently, they end up with cyclic employment. Sometimes they are working and the next time, they are not. Solution is simple. Learn to commit.

4. You are an entrepreneur- wohoo! sounds like a great idea. I would not have a boss, I would work on my own terms and I would be so damn successful. If this is your idea of entrepreneurship, please come back to reality. It is true that those who are entrepreneurs at heart are seldom employed anywhere else. They like to start things, experiment and strive to make things better for themselves and the people who are employed with them. You are an entrepreneur if you have an idea and the zeal to endlessly work on that idea no matter how many problems come in your way. If you are an entrepreneur and you feel unemployed or underemployed, develop an idea, work on it and follow your heart.

5. You are lazy- many people don't like to work even when they like to earn money. I once met a man who told me that he did not wish to find work. Instead, he wanted work to find him. Well done boy! is that how you beat unemployment? Gather all your strength and start looking for a job or no one would be able to help you.

6. You are expecting way too much- a BIIIIG problem with recent college graduates is that their expectations are too high. They want jobs that pay well, they want a car, a house of their own and so much more. They find ideals in middle aged men and women who have spent half of their lives (almost equal to the age of a college graduate) in working day and night to achieve everything they have. They started small, did odd jobs, studied, got promoted and now enjoy the niceties of life. If you want to find ideals, don't find ideals in pay stubs. Your first job can be crappy and it can pay you peanuts but that is exactly how you move on. No matter how educated, a fresher is a fresher and no one is going to pay for your Cadillac (Exceptions are always there). 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Why Are You Unemployed Or Underemployed (Part 1)

What I am going to write may be called sad but I have been feeling like this ever since I first started hiring for my firm. It is quite obvious that the number of people I meet everyday through their applications is too damn high. However, what I find is that most of them are too unemployed or underemployed. Yes, they are! They would knock every door and try to find every opportunity to work and earn money. Unfortunately, even if their skills make then find a job, they would never be happy doing it and add yet another small job stint in their life which would never be added to their resume. Anyway, I do not wish to demean anyone. I just want to tell you why you could have possibly been underemployed or unemployed till date. You would certainly have to think twice or read this post twice to accept but yeah, I am just making an effort so that you can understand a few simple things and try to improve them.

1. You don't have a goal- no , seriously. Right when we leave college we are enthusiastic about every single opportunity that comes our way. We do not have any idea of what we really want to do and why should we be doing a job. Our primary aim is to get a job instead of looking for the right one. This is a trend that would continue for the next 3-5 years. Yes, no matter how much education you have received on a particular subject, someday you might find yourself to be a misfit and might want to move on. Do you know why this happens? It is because you never really had a concrete career goal to follow and you would have to pay for it in the future.

2. You are knocking every door- are you an MBA in finance? Why are you looking for a job opportunity in customer relationships? Even if you are able to fetch a job for yourself with your degree, you would hardly be able to work well in this field. It would take a lot of time and effort for you to learn the basics of customer relationship management. It would be like a second schooling lesson. Do not knock every single door of opportunity and be specific. The more specific your approach, the better. Sure, it might take time but it would definitely be helping you find better opportunities. Finding axillary fields is also a good way to get into your own field but don't increase your horizons so much that confusion becomes imminent.

3. You are not ready to put in the hard work- no matter what job you do, no matter if you like it or not, if you have to earn money and become a fruitful employee to any organisation, you have to work hard. There is simply no alternative to hard work. If you believe that you would be able to do the easier job and earn good money, you would definitely be heading to a road that leads to the cliff. In any job, no matter how big or small, it is only hard wok that matters. Even if you land up at your favourite job, you would have to spend your fuel to get to the top and maintain your position. Personally, I prefer someone who is honest and ready to improve rather than someone who is skilled yet lacks perseverance. A lot of HR managers are also looking for someone like this.

More reasons and viewpoints in the next post.